Shopping Cart Trick for Credit Cards + Store List

What Is The Shopping Cart Trick?

This is the ultimate guide to the shopping cart trick – something that people with less than stellar credit scores may have heard about it. Also known as the soft pull trick, this is a method you can follow in order to get credit cards without having a hard pull against your credit. Hard pulls occur anytime you make a credit inquiry, and will quickly reduce your credit score. This clever trick is invaluable for anyone trying to earn cash-back bonuses or take advantage of a credit card sign up offer.

Here’s a list of others who will find this trick useful:
People with low credit scores
People who have filed for Bankruptcy
Anyone with a negative credit history or no history at all
Also, anyone who may have simply made too many credit inquiries, which is a lesser known way to rack up hard pulls against your score.
People who have been approved for cards with bad credit.

Although the word “trick” has some negative connotations, there are a wide variety of people who can benefit from utilizing this method. A low (or nonexistent) credit score/history will make it tough for you to apply for credit. This trick helps you circumvent the type of issues that come with a low credit score. By utilizing this trick, you can work to improve your credit score overtime.

By the time you’re finished with this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know about how to utilize this trick – if you’re still itching to.

Requirements For The Shopping Cart Trick

There are few criterion that you MUST meet prior to attempting the shopping cart trick, but once you do you’re halfway there.

1. You must be opted in for Credit Card Promotions.
This is relatively easy for you to check – do you receive any type of credit card promotions in your mailbox or email? If so, you’re likely opted in already. For those of you who don’t know or are opted you, you change your status by visiting this website: (Note, this is an official website).

2. Turn Off Existing Popup Blockers/Spam Tools and Enable Javascript
This is for those of you who browse with adblocker, ublock origin, NoScript, and the like. Typically, offers for credit cards will appear as ads in popups or on the sidebar of websites you’re browsing, so if you’re blocking them…you’re blocking them. Plus, you may have issues at the checkout screen of the websites you’re about to be visiting if your adblock picks up certain aspects of the website’s code as just ads. You don’t want to miss any opportunities, so disable your popup blocker for now and turn it back on afterwards if you wish.

3. Be Careful With Your Social Security Number
Many credit card offers require you to enter your Social Security Number to submit your information. If it asks for your FULL, NINE DIGIT social security number – that’s a red flag! You’re likely heading towards an offer that will result in a hard pull on your credit score. When imputing your Social, only do it for offers that only require the last four digits of your social security number. These are the ones that are not hard pull – make sure you pay close attention during this step.

4. Use Credit Cards Issued By Comenity Bank
This is the last major caveat, but it’s not a major deal. Comenity Bank is the issuer of cards that you can use this trick with, and a great deal of stores accept Comenity Bank’s cards as payment. Continue below to see a list of the stores you can work with.

What is NOT Required of You:

1. A Good Credit Score.
Thankfully, this method works regardless of how high or low your credit score is. 811? Of course you’re fine! 100? No problem!

NOTE: There are various things that are involved in the measurement of your credit score, outside of just credit cards.

List of Stores You Can Use

The actual method of doing the trick is right under this section, but this will give you a good idea of what stores you have to work with when using the Comenity Bank cards.
Abercrombie & Fitch
Ann Taylor
Bath & Body Works
Brylane Home
Coldwater Creek
Jessica London
King Size Direct
New York & Company
One Stop Plus
Overstock (This one WILL ask you for your full Social Security Number, but it should only be a soft pull rather than a hard one.)
Red Roof Inn (NOTE: Requires that you also participate in their loyalty program.)
Sportsman Guide
Total Rewards
Victoria Secrets
Woman Within

How To Do The Shopping Cart Trick

1. Disable all popup blockers, make sure Javascript is enabled, and clear all cookies and cached data.
You’re about to be dealing with web forms and submissions, and not following these steps could easily lead to a snag further down the road. Better to get these things out of the way now so you don’t have any issues. People on Chrome or Safari can activate their browser’s incognito/private browsing to bypass this step.

2. Go online to the website of the store you want to perform the trick under. In case you missed it, you can scroll right up in order to see the list of the stores that this trick will work for.

3. Register on the retail website – either a regular account or for a “loyalty program”, if they offer one. You can typically find the registration buttons somewhere along the top/top right of the website.
NOTE: They are going to ask you to register using real, personal information. This is completely fine, although if you’re not comfortable with that company in particular having this information you should pick another one to use the trick with. This isn’t all bad though, once you provide your address you’ll receive exclusive deals from respective companies. Win-win.

4. Add a few items to your shopping cart – the quantity and quality is not necessarily important, so go nuts here. Somewhere along the $25-75 range should be fine, and going higher may make you look better in their eyes – cookie tracking is a real thing.

5. Once your virtual cart has items, click “continue to checkout”. This is where the magic happens. After you go the checkout, you should receive some sort of credit card offer. If you don’t – you have two options:

1. Give up on this particular site and try a different store.
2. Try again – Either by putting more items in your cart, or resetting your cart, clearing your cache, making a new account, and trying all over again.

Either way, you’re looking to get a notification of a credit card offer once you hit the checkout page. Also try playing around with the price of what you put in the carts – Maybe go for $75-200.

6. You should get the Comenity Bank card offer before you reach the final payment page. From there, all you have to do is accept the credit card offer and apply for the card. It will look like some sort of store brand credit card.

Once this pop ups, you’re in the clear!

7. Repeat As Necessary.

You can use this on a variety of stores and even on the same stores (just make sure you’re clearing your history and cache or opening up those private browsing tabs!). If for some reason the shopping cart trick is not working for you, you need to play around with what you’re putting in the cart and how you’re filling out the order form. At least $50 worth of stuff in the cart, and take your time filling out the payment page as though you’re really about to pay – type out your information with one hand and cross your fingers with the other.

Favorite Shopping Cart Trick Stores

People are having varying experiences with using this trick – some report that Victoria’s Secret works the best for them, but I personally found that Gamestop and J.Crew popped up the most often for me. Experiment – and remember that if it doesn’t work right the first time it doesn’t mean that you should give up.

Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards164983-250x250-1

Here’s something else that might vary depending on your experiences – 100% approval cards. I’ve improved my own credit score tremendously using these, particularly the Horizon Gold Card. There’s also the Luxe Signature Card that is a guaranteed approval, but Horizon Gold is a little better in my opinion. I would say pick up both of these cards and use them interchangeably to work on boosting your credit score.

If you’re unsure about your current score, you can try and pull your scores at a score-finder.

Credit Score Tips

Doing this trick is the first step towards boosting your credit score, but there’s a lot more to improving your credit score. I personally started off with a mid-300s credit score and got it over 750.  If you want to know more, I created a COMPLETELY FREE GUIDE to boost your credit score – most people who follow it see massive improvements of around 100 points after just 30 days.

You can access the free guide here.


The Shopping Cart Trick is a great way to get a credit card without messing up your credit score, and I would say you should combine it with the guaranteed approval cards I mentioned above in order to see a real boost occur in your credit score (as long as you use them wisely). Good luck, and please make sure to post comments below about your experiences.