Horizon Gold Card

The Horizon Gold Card is a store card that’s meant to be used specifically by people with subpar credit scores. Using this card, you can work to improve your credit score by hundreds of points, essentially giving yourself a “soft reset” on your credit score. It does take a bit of time, and is far from an instant solution, but it’s a working and efficient one.  It’s nothing like a Visa or MasterCard, and instead acts specifically as a credit establishing opportunity.

The cards is typically offered with a limit around $500 (although I’ve gotten one with a $750 limit and you can even change your plans around and up your limit to $1250) and a guaranteed approval, no strings attached. Also, if you tell them you plan on switching cards, they’ll probably offer you a credit bump in order to keep you attached.

About The Horizon Gold Card

Again, this is NOT a “real” credit card, and is intended specifically to help you rebuild your credit score. When you apply, you’ll see it’s possible to get a standard $500 limit with guaranteed approval, no credit or employment check involved. Plus the online application in and of itself is quick and easy.

Don’t get this card if you’re trying to earn cash back rewards, earn travel points, or otherwise benefit from some sort of reward system.

Pros of The Card

The card looks great on your credit report once you get it – you can either make payments on it and pay them back on a monthly basis, or get the card and simply don’t use it – a strategy others who have reviewed the card stated worked to boost their credit score.

You get guaranteed approval with this card.

It still acts like any other card.

Cons of The Card

There is an annual fee for the Horizon Gold Card that you will want to make note of and make sure to pay off at the end of the year.

The waiting period between applying and receiving the card! Delivery once you finish the application can take anywhere between 3-10 business days. Knock it out on a Sunday.

Tips For Improving Your Credit Score

I have a webpage set up to give more tips in detail, but here are just a few other things you can do in conjunction with picking up the Horizon Gold Card if you’re looking to refresh your credit.

  1. Improve your credit – the approval for this card is one step in the right direction, but then the onus is on you to actually make sure that you’re paying off your payments as owed on time.
  2. Remove Strikes – Any sort of negatives on your credit score are holding you back. Reach out to an official third party such as Lexington law and see if you can get these strikes removed.
  3. Rinse and Repeat. Once you have your chosen method of improving your credit, you just need to stick with and make sure you’re on time with your payments. Consistency is key.


The Horizon Gold Card is a very solid start if you’re working to get your credit improved, although there are a few other options that work better.

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